About Us

Captian Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz (December 30, 1864 – 22 April 1936) was a German dog breeder who is credited with having developed the German Shepherd Dog breed, as it is currently known. He set guidelines for the breed standard, and was the first president of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (S.V.).

On 22 April 1899, Stephanitz founded the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (S.V.) with his friend Artur Meyer. Three sheep masters, two factory owners, one architect, one mayor, one innkeeper, and one magistrate joined them as co-founders. Along with establishing a breed standard, the S.V. also developed a Zuchtbuch (Breed Register). Twenty years later they published the Körbuch (Breed Survey Book), which determines a dog's suitability for breeding based on its physical and mental characteristics, and not based solely on show wins. Under Stephanitz's guidance, the S.V. became the single largest breed club in the world, and it was his idea to introduce the breed to other types of work such as delivering messages, rescue work, sentry duties, and as personal guard dogs. The German Shepherd made its world debut in these roles during the First World War.

We, at ICER K9, have incorporated the foundation principles created by Captain Stephanitz, as well as modern breeding techniques and medical studies, into our breeding program. We emphasize temperament, health, socialization and physical traits. We truly believe there is always a dog suited for everyone, and we work with our partners and friends to make that match possible.

Our breeding stock is comprised of the finest European working lines, mainly from former East German (DDR), West German and Czech dogs. Because these are working lines, and as the name implies “these dogs need to be active”, we will always ask you what is the intended purpose for the animal. WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED with the new addition to your family nucleus.