Sales Contract

When you purchase a dog from ICER K9 you will be asked to sign a sales agreement. A sample of the agreement follows for your review, if you would like to download a PDF file copy of the full agreement you may do so by clicking the button here:



This electronic correspondence shall serve as a binding "Dog Purchase Agreement" between Ernesto Rodriguez (Seller) and ___________________________ (Buyer). Any and all claims, litigation, or mediation as a result of a breach of the terms herein described, shall be resolved within the jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States of America.

1. Whereas Seller will transfer ownership of the German Shepherd Dog "_____________" (Dog) to Buyer for the aggregate amount of $__________, plus $_______ for preliminary hips and elbows exams performed by a licensed veterinarian (if requested), as required by Buyer, within the state of Florida, plus costs of transport (air fare, airlines approved crate, required vaccines, and health and acclimation certificates).

2. A nonrefundable (unless Dog's exams are unfavorable as per veterinarian) deposit of $________ will be made towards Seller's specified account, payable to Ernesto Rodriguez prior to veterinarian's exams being performed. 

3. In the event Dog receives an unfavorable rating by the veterinarian, the $_______ deposit will be returned to Buyer within three (3) working days and Buyer will no longer be responsible for the $_______ expense associated with the veterinarian’s exam.

4. Seller dully expresses that Dog is a purebred German Shepherd Dog which meets all requirements for registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and will provide Buyer appropriate documentation in order for Buyer to successfully complete the registration/transfer process with the AKC.

5. Seller, in addition to the veterinarian's preliminary exams, guarantees Dog to be free of crippling hip dysplasia for one (1) year from birth. Additionally, Seller guarantees favorable hip and elbow ratings at two (2) years of age with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), or at one (1) year old with the German (SV) Club. All warranties will be null and void if Dog is bred or spayed prior to submission of appropriate exams to the OFA or SV.

6. Any and all accidents, injuries, fractures, or acts of nature are excluded from direct or implied guarantee.

7. Seller expresses that Dog is free of disease as of the date of shipment or local pickup. However, Buyer has the right to take Dog to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of taking physical possession of the animal for further evaluation. All costs associated with these exams shall be the Buyer’s responsibility. If the Buyer’s veterinarian finds any crippling diseased affecting Dog, Buyer will notify Seller in writing immediately and will be entitled to a replacement animal (Dog) of equal or greater value. There will be no monetary refunds.

8. The OFA and/or SV exams shall be done no later than 30 months from Dog's date of birth.

9. Dog shall be registered, unless agreed upon in writing by Seller and Buyer, under the kennel name VOM ICER at Buyer's expense.

10. In the event Dog does not receive an acceptable rating by the OFA or SV at maturity, Seller will replace Dog with another dog of equal or greater value, and Dog will be returned to Seller at Seller's expense unless other arrangements and agreements are made between Seller and Buyer. The shipping costs of the replacement animal will be the Buyer's responsibility.

11. Due to environmental, socialization, and training factors, temperament or the ability to perform a specific act or task is not guaranteed. 

12. In the event Buyer decides to subsequently sell or trade Dog, Seller shall have the right of first refusal.

13. Type of registration agreed upon: Full__________ Limited___________ (Yes or No)

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